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DOB 1/18/2018

I can't thank our lucky stars that my normally hard line of 'if it leaves and it's a boy it has a green cheerio' was a delayed in this case.
This young man was a son of a FF doe (Pandora) out of one of my very best, AR Lost Valley TB Saleen 2*D 2*M EEEV90, who I sold, as I was able to get her older full sister back, and I didn't Need two full sisters in the herd. His sire was one of my very favorites, and I had no intention of him leaving. However, shortly after selling Pandora, I also lost Sprocket in a freak accident. Imagine my joy when the pet home who had Rockstar returned him!

                                                                                                                          Sire: Top Flight JA Sprocket *B
                                                                                                                          Dam: Egidio Pandora
Egidio LJ Ziggy Stardust
DOB: 1/20/2016
I consider this sweet boy my last gift from Sue. He's out of one of my most promising and beloved does, but it's a slow maturing line, and he's a midget still. Love him anyways!

Sire: Alethia DJ Laced with Jupiter
Dam: Trilogy Farm MH Honey Beat 

Flat Rock's I Am Ironman
blue eyes
Flat Rock's Valiant
(Flat Rock’s Zuko x Flat Rocks Groovy Girl)

Seven Fields Farm SilverRibbon
                   (Lost Valley KW Ironwood x Seven Fields Farm Rosie)​
Photo thanks to Flat Rock Farm 



Also happens to be blue eyed and moon spotted.

Sire: Egidio SP Rockstar

DAM: Alethia Como Confetti
              DS: AGS MCH Mystiques BN Como
                                                        DD: SGCH/MCH Algedi DJ Honey Dew 1*M LA2010 EEEE 91' 
                                                  DDS: CH Algedi Drops of Jupiter *B *S LA2010 EEE 91'
                                                           DDD: SGCH Rosasharn's UMT Tupelo Honey 4*D EEEE FS91



Egidio E1 Chip N Dale 

Egidio E1 Tiger King

Fanny x Iron Man 2021 Buck Kid 

                                                   ALETHIA DJ NIGHT FEVER


A very sturdy and correct son of *B CH Algedi Farm Drops of Jupiter
(LA2011 EEE 91 E 23")

We are very proud to have one of the few remaining Jupiter sons here in our herd. To sweeten the genetic package, he is out of a doe who is a

SGCH/MCH Algedi Farm DJ Honey Dew 1*M

LA2010 EEEE 91 E 20" Daughter. (Alethia Como Confetti)

 Fever has consistently improved the udders of his daughters, as well as general appearance.

          SIRE: CH Algedi Drops of Jupiter *B *S LA2010 EEE 91'
                                                                    SS: Rosasharn's UMT Hamachi +*B 
                                                                           SD: GCH AGS Rosasharn's TL Zenith 3*M
                                    DAM: Alethia Como Confetti
                                                                DS: AGS MCH Mystiques BN Como
                                                                                                        DD: SGCH/MCH Algedi DJ Honey Dew 1*M LA2010 EEEE 91' 
                                                                             DDS: CH Algedi Drops of Jupiter *B *S LA2010 EEE 91'
                                                                                      DDD: SGCH Rosasharn's UMT Tupelo Honey 4*D EEEE FS91

Alethia DB Snap Chat

DOB: 4/4/2016

 Very thrilled to announce that we are the home of a much anticipated buck by CH Alethia Dew Ya Love Me VEVE 90  (A Honey Dew x Manuka Honey daughter)

Affectionately called Snap Chat for the ghost on his side, we have Huge plans for this young buck! Thank you again Dana for breeding such an amazing young buck.

Sire: Jasper Pine Denim Blue

Dam: SGCH Alethia Dew Ya Love Me VEVE90


 Trilogy Ranch Whiskey Lullaby

I am really thrilled to announce the purchase of this Outstanding buck to our little herd.

This young man is a son of CH Algedi Farms D Capella ( LA VEEE 90 E 20.5") and Algedi Farm Sizzlin' Hot Honey. (Sizzler is the last Jupiter x Tupelo son to ever be born,  litter mate to  CH Algedi Farm DJ Tawari Honey, who finished as a FF 3 year old, at her debut show.

Whiskey has sired typey kid after typey kid. We are starting to see some udders now and I am really happy with what he is giving us! Updated photos shortly.

Collected 1/9/17 - limited straws available.

    ADGA Pedigree 

                                                                                      Sire: Algedi Farm Sizzlin' Hot Honey

                                                                                Dam: CH Algedi Farm D Capella 


DOB: 2/26/2015
We were excited to retain a really lovely buck kid from Siren and Whiskey. He's a lovely young buck, classic gold, a has a lovely top line! He is heavily line bred on CH ALGEDI FARM DROPS OF JUPITER and it shows! We are so thankful to have such a nice buck kid out of two of our best! So-Co also has blue eyes, which we do not hold against him.
Updated photos shortly
Collected 1/9/17- Limited straws available.
                                                                            Sire: Trilogy Ranch Whiskey Lullaby
                                                                     Dam: Alethia DJ Bell of the Barn
Top Flight JA Sprocket *B
I was Tickled to get my hands on this really nice correct buck kid. I can't thank my dear friend Laurelle at Top Flight Farm enough. Sprocket is a neat lineage of Algedi and Jnels, with some color thrown in for fun. He is out of a son of my beloved Sue and is stretchy, long, and fun with his waddles and moonspots.  
Sire: Top Flight Jupiter Ascending
Dam: Gypsy Moon DH Hobbit
Egidio's WL Mars
Dob: 3/31/2016

Ever have a doe you Wanted a buck from? Saleen was that doe for me! I sold one of the first bucks she ever gave me years ago, figuring she would give me another soon. After almost 3 years, here (Finally!) is my buck kid! He was not impressed with me on picture day, so we will try again soon. Long, stretchy, and super correct, I LOVE this buck kid. His two full sisters have already gotten their Jr legs as well. High high hopes for this young man!

                                                                                                                                     Dam : Lost Valley TB Saleen

Royal Ranch J Bacardi

DOB:  7/28/2017

Reg: D1902008P

Sire: Egidio NF Jester

Dam: Sun-Bleached After Shock


DOB: 10/23/2017
Reg: D1907849P

Sire: Top Flight PP Deadpool Rising
Dam: Egidio Daphne 1*M, AR2016