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Egidio Goats breeds and sells show and dairy quality nigerian goats nationwide and Artisian Goat Milk Soap. View our site to see breeding schedules, pictures, and information on our farm and goats for sale.

                                            Our "Big" Horses

We originally stated our farm with horses, as they were and are my original passion. 

The most beloved animal on my farm and in my heart is my now 30 year old mare Sassy. 

Sassy has been mine for only a short 17 years, and I have treasured each of them. I have learned so much from her, and have to attribute almost all of my farm successes to her.  She is brave, willing, too smart for her own good, and the better parts of me. 

 I am well aware horses like this are often once in a lifetime, and I am thankful for realizing that she is that horse and for the time we have had, and for our future. She is still going strong, being ridden, and competing. (And Winning!)

Sadly, we lost Sassy March 26th 2018. She will live on as the very best horse I have ever had the honor of loving, and her memory will live on eternal.

Us at the beach in 2008 


 Myself being super irresponsible back when I was 18 or 19 and had sassy for a total of 1 year. I had brought her to my college that day and used her in a demo for speech. We got and A. Afterwards, I brought her over to my fathers home on the water to visit with my sister who was visiting from Sweden.

I feel this photo pretty much demonstrates our relationship pretty well however. :)  

Sassy and myself in 2013 at a medieval reenactment festival in the SCA called Gulf War. 
More information on the medieval reenactment we are involved in can be found here.