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                         AR Lost Valley TB Saleen 2*D 2*M EEEV90

 Again, I just cannot say thank you enough to Phoenix Rising for letting me have this incredible girl! 

Saleen has proven to be a wonderful doe and everything I could have hoped for. Due to life issues, I was unable to get pictures of her most recent fresh udder, but do have some from when she came down to me posted below.  



Udder photo thanks to Stevie at Sunbleached Dairy Goats

Saleen's previous owner, Diane of Phoenix Rising farm had this to say about her- 

"Saleen is a product of two of the finest animals Lost Valley has to offer.  Her  sire is the 2009 National Champion buck ARMCH Lost Valley Tae-Bo +*S  E(91.4)  Her dam is Goodwood Sisley *D  VG, a doe who has produced four ARMCH daughters, including the 2008 National Champion Senior doe, and the 2009 AGS National Best Udder.  With this pedigree she has a lot to live up to!  Luckily, she does not know this, or she would be impossible to live with.  As it is, she is an easy going personality, always on the look out for goat cookies.  She is a beauty, broken red buckskin with lots of width, tight shoulders, level back, strong feet and pasterns, and straight legs.  Her udder is socked on, and productive, can’t wait to see her fourth freshening! "

 Milk test results- click here



 (Photo thanks to Lost Valley)

Sire: ARMCH Lost Valley Tae-Bo +*S/+B E (Pictured above)

    G-Sire: Piddlin Acres Cajun Music +*S VG

         GG-Sire: MCH Twins Creeks BH Bay Watch ++*S 'E'

         GG-Dam: MCH Piddlin Acres Doe C Doe *D 'E'



(Photos above of Ney thanks to Lost Valley)

    G-Dam: MCH Goodwood KW Elisabet Ney 2*D E

        GG-Sire: Gay-Mor's  RA Kingwood ++*S

         GG-Dam: It's Do's Chalktad *D



(Photo thanks to Lost Valley)


Dam: Goodwood Sisley *D VG (Pictured above) 

   G-Sire: Lost Pines KT Sugar Daddy +*S

         GG-Sire: ARMCH Goodwood Kauri Tree ++*S

         GG-Dam: MCH Goodwood Fox 2*D


    G-Dam: Goodwood Dingle

         GG-Sire: Goodwood Let's Do Lunch

         GG-Dam: Goodwood Zany Lou Lou