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                       ADGA Registered Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats 

Egidio Goats breeds and sells show and dairy quality nigerian goats nationwide and Artisian Goat Milk Soap. View our site to see breeding schedules, pictures, and information on our farm and goats for sale.

This beautiful girl is really all we could have ever wanted. She is the pinnacle of great breeding and one of the last of the "magic cross". She isn't the most friendly doe, but she has come around and is much more willing to put up with my scratches now that I have been pinned as a source for her favorite vitamin C and Calcium chews from Costco! (Thank you Dana for the hint!) 
She was kind enough to give us a single doe kid by Snap Chat in 2018, and we are hoping she is as generous or more so in the years to come here. She is a much cherished and spoiled part of the herd.