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Ziggy is a very very special boy. He is a son of one of my favorite does, Trilogy Ranch MH Honey Beat, aka "Dink" and out of my beloved and lost far too soon, Alethia DJ Laced with Jupiter aka "Sue". He takes after his mother in his diminutive size as well as her very sweet and mellow demeanor. He is also her same boxy type shape at this age, which I know will lengthen out from experience.  Also not a huge fan of picture day (as it was also trim feet, get shots, and copper day. I lack forethought sometimes)
 I plan on clipping him shortly and trying again. 

Pictured above is his beautiful dam "Dink" who I need to get better photos of, as well as her FF udder. She kidded with a beautiful 2F udder, but as she kidded right before we had our baby, and I pulled them to milk... no photos were obtained. 

Last photo is Dink's 3rd fresh udder! Boy did she Not disappoint!! 

The doe pictured above is "Dinks" incredible dam CH ALGEDI FARM DJ MELODICA, who I have long admired.
Dinks' sire is the lovely Algedi Farm MB Manuka Honey, who's mother is non other then the much beloved ARMCH/MCH ROSASHARN'S UMT TUPELO HONEY. Enough said right?
Ziggy's sire, is my dearly departed "Sue", who I am so thankful to have a few kids from, and that other herds have fulls siblings and kids as well.
Sue's mother is ALGEDI FARM MH MOONLACE, who is a direct daughter of SGCH ROSASHARN'S TL ZENITH *3M.